Raquel Avila - 3D & motion graphics

RAQUEL AVILA [BASILISCO] - 3D and Motion Graphics Designer.

I started in computer graphics in 1991, as a member of T.I.P.O [Computer Graphics Workshop, Complutense University of Madrid], participating in the creation of "R.Y.E" and "D.O.S", two animated short-films projected at the prestigious festivals of Siggraph and Imagina respectively.

Since then, I have been working as a 3D freelancer and motion graphics designer for some of the leading companies in visual effects and digital postproduction in Spain.

My favourite projects are those that allow me to provide creative solutions.
I really enjoy when I take a project from the conceptualization phase, but I feel equally comfortable when creativity is clearly defined by others and my job is to bring their ideas to life.

I absolutely love what I do, and want to keep on enjoying my work. 


RESUME [english]
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CONTACT: info@basilisco.es